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On Sunday September 18th, Avondje Uit and R-Newt have organised a spectacular new event in cooperation with the new initiative Quick Games. A day full of sports, games and entertainment, inspired by Asian culture. The day is focused on meeting new people, making connections, and being active.

What’s there to experience?

Starting from 11:00, part of the Spoorpark will be transformed into TilburgCastle.
Throughout the park there will be 10 different games to play. Some games you might recognise from Asian tv-series, others will have you climbing and clambering.

Morning programme | 11:00 – 13:00

  • Free play in the park
  • Min. 12 years old to participate*
  • Max. 100 people are allowed in the park
  • Full = full

Afternoon programme | 13:30 – 17:30

  • Team competitions
  • Min. 16 years old to participate*
  • Max. 20 teams
  • competing in 10 rounds
  • Wonderful Asian dance act during the break
  • Ceremony at the end for the winning team

*everyone under 18 years old needs permission from their parent or guardian to registrate


Tickets are available for the morning and afternoon programme seperately.

The morning programme consists of free play and requires individual registration.
The afternoon programme requires you to registrate as either a team or per individual person.

A team consists of at least 4 members.
The games will each be played by 4 players per team at once.
You can, for example, take up an extra team member as backup. The maximum amount of members per team is 6.

Per individual: €7,50
Per team: €25,-

Registrate here

Background info

This event was realised by and for participants of Avondje Uit and R-Newt, with the help of project Next-Up. In this social service project, young people gain experience in organising activities for the community.


  • No dressing rooms or showers on site
  • Toilets in different spots at Spoorpark
  • Food and drinks available at T-Huis and Kiosk Spoorpark
  • First aid available

The idea behind TilburgCastle

Ciss de jong, initiator of this event

After I saw the Netflix series Squid Games, I was inspired by the thought that young people and adults should play more. To me, Japanese shows like Takeshi’s Castle, Wipe-Out (which was inspired by Takeshi’s Castle), or even Dutch shows like “Ter Land, Ter Zee, en in De Lucht” are amazing to watch. It’s funny, and people are moving. I wanted to do something like that in Tilburg. In Squid Games, I thought it was a cool idea that people could pay their debts by participating. That’s kind of what we have done – we’ve been building a debt by sitting around inside and moving less lately. By participating in this event, your balance can be restored.
It’s going to be an awesome day!

Questions or remarks for the organisation:

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